What We Can Do For You:

We specialize in providing IT/Business consulting for private and small-business entities in Hawai'i, USA. Furthermore, we provide travel and athletic (tennis) services for clients in Hawai'i and abroad. We are a truly diverse company operating in the heart of Honolulu, the Pacific Business Hub!

Our Services

IT-Business Services for Small-Businesses in Hawai'i: We offer: IT consulting, business web-site configurations, database management/consulting, business mail management/consulting, server systems management, and provide online marketing tools for businesses to promote their brand domestically and globally. More information can be found at www.merctechworld.com

Merc-Tennis-Academy: Various sports, and tennis in particular, has become very popular activities for kids and adults alike in Hawai'i and in the world. We offer individualized and group-based tennis lessons for all age groups and any type of skill levels. Learn more at www.merctennisacademy.com
World-Wide Travel Services Our AlohaGlobe LLC company provides you with a variety of travel services to/from the Hawaiian Islands to Eastern Europe and elsewhere based on competitive rates and highest level of customer satisfaction. Learn more at www.alohaglobe.com